Sustainability is our destination. We carefully follow the journey of every product, from sourcing of raw materials to the end of the product's life, all while paying close attention to both packaging and labels. We know the journey of every product by heart, so that each one has its own story to tell. Despite being a challenge, we are not alone - we count on you and on our suppliers to get there. 
Welcome aboard!

The process

Raw material

We try to be as natural as possible. All of our products, even those that come from afar, arrive through the right path. We want more and better: that all our raw materials and products have the highest certification available.

Transformation and Production

Because most of our suppliers are Portuguese, we can visit the factories and make sure that we are on this journey together: quality, best-practices and values are all shared.


Our path is short. We are close to our suppliers, which means we have shorter distances to take, thus reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide.

Product usage

The longer you use our products, the better for the environment. The quality of our products increases its lifetime, decreasing consumption and producing less waste.

End of life

The journey of the product should not end here. Each item can have a new life and continue living in a different shape.

Our commitment

How to get to our destination? To get closer to our end goal, our products must have at least five stamps of certification. Three are already guaranteed by our suppliers: fair trade, conscious packaging and reusable / recyclable.


We choose local suppliers. Closer means less emissions of carbon dioxide.

Small scale

We select independent workers, family businesses or small scale companies that share our values. For us, less dimension means more proximity with our suppliers.

Fair trading

We choose suppliers that share the same ethics, justice and values for their workers. More confidence means more transparency and a fair share for everyone.

Natural materials

We prioritize cotton, paper and ceramics. More natural means less impact on the environement.


We use certified raw materials, both for cotton and paper. More guarantees means less exploitation of people and natural resources.

Conscious packaging

We decided to reduce plastic, like poybags, label strings, and bubble-wrap along the way. One of our many contributions to cleaner oceans and healthier ecosystems.


We want reusable and recyclable products. Before being thrown away, a product can be given a second chance. More creativity means less waste.

Zero waste

We promote change through products that help make the transition towards more sustainable behaviors. Easier and simpler routines will mean a more sustainable life.



Cotton is a natural, raw material, durable and renewable. More cotton products mean less synthetic fibres in the environment.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a natural, raw material, durable, resistent and renewable. For its production, it requires less natural resources and no fertilizer or pesticide are used. The organic cotton we use on our production is GOTS certified. More organic cotton means less damage to the environment.


Wood is a natural and renewable raw material. We are committed to guarantee that 100% of the wood we use in our products is certified, contributing to the correct management of forests and ecosystems.

Recycled paper

Recycled paper is a way to use materials that otherwise would be discarded. More recycled paper means less waste.

FSC Paper

Virgin paper certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) guarantees the maintenance and sustainability of forests while managing conflict in those areas, and promoting the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. More certified paper means less environmental damage and more social responsibility.


Plastic is synthetic raw material, with a high negative impact on the environment. For this reason, we commit to reducing our consumption of plastic, starting with the elimination of single-use plastics, polybags and label strings.